soap dish

$25.00 - $35.00
soap dish

Handmade ceramic soap dish crafted by Kristin Olds from wild foraged clay, respectfully collected from the lands around her studio in North Warrandyte. Knowing where the clay comes from brings greater intimacy between herself, her work, and the land from which her pieces are created.

Her signature glaze is made with locally sourced wood ash. Kristin delights in knowing the ash is also embedded with its own memories: the life of the tree, the group of people who were warmed by the fire, and the conversations they had while it burned. In turn, another layer of story is embedded into each piece through its glaze.

Her pieces are truly precious, each one unique and lovingly hand made.

These dishes not only look stunning in any bathroom, they provide the perfect drainage to allow your soaps to dry fully between uses, so you can get the most out of them.

BUNDLE + SAVE with a soap of your choice - simply leave a note with your order to let us know which soap you'd like.