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meet the maker


Why hello there.

Welcome to this humble online store.

Everything you find here is 100% the work of little old me - it took some time, as all good things do, but after years of extensive research, formulation, experimentation, inspiration, perspiration and too many hours to count fiddling about on inDesign, I am proud to present this range of handmade cosmetics, each lovingly formulated to be:

highly effective
at doing what they are supposed to do - at least as effective as the commercially available alternatives if not more so! Periodically you may notice changes in the ingredients lists as I make small formula tweaks, persistenty striving to make the next batch as good if not even better than my last. I am super grateful for feedback which helps me continue to make my products The Best out there (so please reach out!)

perfectly safe
for humans to use and absorb into their skin, and for fishies / other organisms once washed down the drain. Aside from the soaps with their naturally basic pH (they may look & smell yummy but please don't eat them! your gut will not be happy) everything else in the range is technically edible, though not necessarily delicious


environmentally regenerative
sourcing most ingredients locally to reduce their carbon footprint and support local producers, many from indigenous-owned businesses, many also wild harvested here in Naarm / Melbourne by my own two hands. Dedicated to eliminating waste both with the packaging / postage material put out into the world and the packaging received from deliveries (see 'sustainability' page for more) and regularly investing our profits to back the organisations and charities on the front lines of the climate justice fight who do the bigger picture work that we all need to get behind.

My name is Tina, I am the founder and formulator behind big blue cosmetica, a proud environmentalist with a background in design, and a huge passion for chemistry - which I am currently majoring in and hope to use as a tool to solve the problems of our broken world, or at least some of them. Big time upcycler / DIY proponent, ever entertained by my 1001 crafty hobbies, and all into this zero-waste lifestyle thing. Proud compost manager / worm mama of my apartment block, friendly-neighbourhood guerrilla gardener and always down for the climate justice chats.

Somewhere along the way (around 2015) my interest in chemistry lead me to investigate just what these ingredients in all my potions and lotions really were, which opened my eyes to the scandal that is the modern cosmetics industry, and this outrage converged with my growing concern for our environment and all the plastic waste we put into it, and I started teaching myself to refill my shampoo bottles with my own shampoo rather than condemn yet another plastic bottle to landfill via the 'recycling' bin. Which was not easy. But I've developed my understanding of how to do this, and I've honed my skills (and moved from making liquid to solid shampoo). So here we are.

All products are lovingly handmade here in Melbourne, Australia.

From the testimonies of customers around the country as well as my own personal experience I can verify - these products work! Well! If it's available on this site, it's because I love using it myself, and know plenty of other people who do too.

Thank you for visiting this page, hoping you enjoy these products as much as I do, and always feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

x x x

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