all aussie lipbalm

$8.00 - $12.00
all aussie lipbalm

All natural, unscented lip balm made from Australian native macadamia oil and pure unbleached Victorian beeswax, in a 100% home compostable push up tube. Naturally soothing and highly nourishing, great for sensitive lips with no flavours or fragrance and deeply moisturising without being glossy - for planet-friendly, petrolatum-free, luscious lips.

Available clear or tinted in a fab range of colours:

NATURAL - clear (no colour)
APHRODITE - a cool toned vamp berry red
NEPHELE - a peachy coral pink
LEUCOTHEIA - a golden tangerine shimmer
THALASSA - for a classic warm earthy red lip
SCYLLA - for your darker side...a deep blood plum shimmery tint
SIREN - a sweetly seductive bright rose pink

The tinted balms (which double as a beautiful cheek tint!) are a little less pigmented than lipsticks but still have plenty of vibrancy and the colour is somewhat buildable as you warm the wax against your skin. Colours in photo are faithful to real life product.

Though they don't stain skin, the colour stays put for many hours without smudging or bleeding, but will naturally come off with eating and drinking.

HOT TIP: The natural balm makes a great soothing barrier balm for minor cuts, sores, burns & abrasions - beeswax has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities, while macadamia oil is a superhero when it comes to nourishing skin, full of important fatty acids and phytosterols to help it heal and regenerate.

cera alba (unbleached Victorian beeswax), organic macadamia integrifolia seed oil.
(Tinted Lip Balms will also contain a blend of clays (iron oxide, zeolite) and ethical/lab-made mineral pigments (synthetic mica**). Comes in a 12mL home compostable push up tube.

Once empty, the whole tube can go in the home compost, green waste bin or buried in soil where it will biodegrade. Yes, even the inks and adhesives in our labels are plant-based, non-toxic and 100% safe for the compost.

**a note about mica: Natural mica has many issues attached to it, namely that it is mined from the earth (environmentally destructive), and poses great health risks as a skin, eye and respiratory irritant for artisan miners in India where most of the global cosmetic industry's supply of natural mica comes from, and where the use of child labour in mica mining is a massive humanitarian issue.

We proudly use synthetic mica, which is a crystal pigment engineered in the lab to have microscopically smooth edges - so it's perfectly safe for cosmetic use, i.e. non-irritating for lips / skin / eyes, AND is environmentally innocuous, presenting no threat to other species when washed down the drain, effectively behaving in the environment like a very fine sand. Synthetic mica is used in edible glitter for cakes for these reasons, and there are no toxic by-products produced in its manufacturing.


'The only lipbalm I can use that doesn’t dry my lips out afterwards...definitely recommended!' - Puapua

'Thalassa is such an easy colour to wear everyday. My lips are moderately pigmented, a lot of oranges/peaches are too bright for my skin tone, but this colour definitely shows up on my dark lips. I use it on my eyes and sometimes my cheeks too. Some lipsticks make my lips a touch dry, making me need lip balm too, but this one is like a lipbalm and lipstick in one, my lips feel really soft and hydrated when I'm wearing it, not sticky, and it doesn't have a bitter taste either.' - Michelle

'I love love love the tinted lip balms. I have such sensitive skin, and generally react to chemist lip balms and any lipstick. I can wear all of these. They are so soothing, and have just the right amount of lip tint. So happy I found your products.' - Lizzi

'My new favourite lip balm! I love how simple it is and I especially appreciate the eco friendly packaging. I will definitely be trying out your other products.' - Keisha

'I suffer from severely dry lips and have tried more lip balms than I can count! I prefer to use all-natural/Eco-friendly ingredients so was excited to come across Big Blue Cosmetica at the St Kilda markets last year! I have finally hit the jackpot with the lip balm AND it comes in a compostable tube! Will definitely purchase more products from this brand in the future' - Coral

'Love the lip balms they are hydrating and have a lot of product. The tinted lip balm has just the right amount of colour to make it look natural. All eco friendly. would buy from here again' - Maya

'I love it so much [the tinted lipbalm]. It applies so well, and is so smooth. The colour is incredible. I will be purchasing again.' - Aimee, who bought the SIREN tint

'Love these so much! Best lip balm i’ve ever had' - Arabella

'My favourite - no other lip balm is as moisturising and soothing as this one. I have also tried many other brands and none of them get close to this magical product' - Larissa

'I never leave home without my lip balm. It lives in my pocket' -Tara

'Really loving this lip balm, colours are intense and it feels great on. Thank you!' - Maryanne

'I'm in love with my new lipstick, best I've ever glad I've found your products!' - Judith

and for those interested in the stories behind the names....

A dark, seductive berry red, named after the goddess of erotic love and beauty - the OG femme fatale - for when you're feeling emboldened to stand out in all your sexiness. Said to have been birthed of the sea foam (her name hinting at her marine origins - aphros meaning foam in ancient Greek) she was also revered as a seafaring goddess, and honoured by sailors before embarking on a difficult voyage.

A classic earthy brown tinted red named after the primordial goddess
of the sea, (also the modern Greek word for the sea) - Thalassa. Together with her male counterpart, Pontus, she produced the fish and all other sea creatures. She was the literal body of the sea and in the fables of Aesop manifests as a woman formed of water rising from her native element. In Greco-Roman mosaics Thalassa is depicted as a woman half-submerged in the sea, with crab-claw horns, seaweed for clothing, and a ship’s oar in her hand.

A deep, blood plum, shimmery tint - for expressing your darker side.
Scylla was the fearsome sea monster who haunted the rocks of a narrow strait opposite the whirlpool of Charybdis waiting to devour sailors from ships who passed too close. According to late classical writers she was once a beautiful nymph loved by the sea-god Glaucus but was transformed into a monster by her jealous rival, the sorceress Circe. She was said to have six long necks with heads lined with a triple row of sharp teeth and a voice like the crying of dogs.

A light golden / tangerine shimmer named after Leucotheia, the ancient Greek sea goddess who came to the aid of sailors in distress. Once a mortal princess named Ino, she and her husband Athamas were punished by Hera for fostering the infant god Dionysus. Hera drove Athamas to a murderous rage, which lead him to kill their eldest child. To save herself and their other child, Melikertes, Ino took flight and leaped off a cliff into the sea. The pair were thereby welcomed into the company of the sea gods and renamed Leucothea (literally translated as the White Goddess) and Palaemon.

A sweetly seductive, cool-toned pink made with blackberry powder and mica, named after the ancient Greek sirens - three dangerous creatures who would lure sailors to their death with their bewitching song. Formerly companions of Persephone, who was abducted by Haides, they were given the bodies of birds by Persephone’s mother Demeter to aid in the search. Eventually they gave up and settled on the island Anthemusa where their singing would tempt sailors to shipwreck on the rocky cliffs, or leap from their boats to drown in blissful longing for the source of their sweet music.

A bright playful coral pink, perfect for summer days spent lying in the sun looking up at the clouds, inspired by the fantastical stories of the beautiful nymph Nephele. In classical mythology it is said she was formed of clouds into the image of Hera, the wife of Zeus. It was from her that the famous golden fleece came - she sent a flying golden ram to save her children from danger; daughter Helle, who fell into the ocean now named after her, the Hellespont, and her brother Phrixus, who then gifted the fleece to the king on whose shores he found safety. For embracing your sense of adventure, wonder and creativity.